We live in an incredible time. The boundaries of architecture are being pushed and pulled by a plethora of new technologies. Designers are being forced to become proficient in many skills not typically associated with the contemporary ideas of the profession---much like the master designer Leonardo da Vinci.

However, with all of these new possibilities availed to use by emerging technologies, we are not simply free to make provocative installations, complex graphics and novel spaces. It is our duty to be critical of these technologies and to implement them with intelligence. Every design and idea should leave the people that engage it and the spaces that they inhabit better for its existence.

It is with these duties in mind that I set forth my professional goals: To further sustainable design practices through the intelligent integration of computational design and digital fabrication. To not simply make cool things because we can, but to evaluate each design decision with rigorous scrutiny, allowing for the seamless transition to physical realizations that benefit all those who engaged.