Loukissas – Keepers of the Geometry

In Keepers of the Geometry, Loukissas touches on two key issues in the implementation of software into the architecture work environments: abstinence and design flexibility in the digital design. Loukissas states that “Shales [the principle] made her place by keeping it [Catia] at an arm’s length” (159). This is true of many of today’s principle’s—they realize, as my own boss once said, it is easier for them to hire the next generation of architectural designers to deal with the next wave of technological advances. This creates a symbiotic relationship between both the experienced and the recent graduates of the architecture profession.
Secondly, the issues of resistance to placing a project in the digital realm due to the finalization that this implies (155) is both an obsolete and relevant issue to today’s situation: first of all advances in the software platforms have delivered greater flexibility in design and thus makes this argument slightly obsolete. However, what makes it a relevant topic is that even in the virtual realm of most 3d programs the design is struggling to maintain the pace demanded of today’s consumer-driven-design-realm. This make parametric bases software such as Catia, Revit, Grasshopper, and Python much more robust and valuable platforms as they allow designers to quickly make both macro and micro alterations to design without having to rebuild each time.

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