READING RESPONSE:     How Do Simulations Know  – Loukissas

As Loukissas pointed out at the beginning of this chapter, technical representation has always been a competitive element of the design industry. Today the best way for young designers to gain a toehold is diversify their software experience and proficiency. In a way it is akin to knowing how to draft with pencil or pen. Software is means of graphical representation the same as these earlier more tradition methods.

The interesting thing is that the more advanced technology does not negate the need for intuition and experience. The software can be tweak and fudged the same as a pencil drawing can. Results of simulations can be altered based on the variability of the inputs. What is more appropriate for discussion is how the tools of communication have evolved with the demands of expanded knowledge, exponential growth of data management and ever increasing diversification of specializations. As the design industry becomes more and more about collaboration of specialized individuals rather than master designers. This puts more constraints on the means of communications— i.e. the software platforms—, standards and consistency is required for fluid this to work.

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