Are the big boys in trouble? (Hint: HP is not the threat)

Whether it is my current line of work, or just my fascination with technology, I keep up on the latest news concerning 3D Printing– mainstream and hacker alike. Lately there has been a lot of interest in HP’s announcement to enter the 3D printing market. I can tell you first hand, don’t count too much on that one (Just trust me on this one). I think the real threat is in the little overlooked guys that are figuring out how to make printers that are better than the old and out dated piles of junk that the big boys keep streaming in front of us. (Yeah I’m still a little, ok, a lot, frustrated by the DDR1 ram still in many machines… yeah, my phone has more ram than these printers!). I will also admit that I am usually the first skeptic when I hear that a desktop printer is as good as a professional printer. I’ve seen too many cases with bold claims and poor delivery. But in this case there might be some truth to these articles.
Anyway, enough ranting. Where was I. Oh yes. The little guys. I recently saw two articles about garage made printers that are competing rather well with the “professional” printers. Granted I still will be using the professional printers at work because they are still slightly more reliable and any time you are running a service bureau… and there I go again.

Anyways here are the articles:

Look out 3DSystems!

3D Pandora Full-Color Powder printer $6k vs the Projet 660 Pro $60k

Look out Stratasys!

PrinterBot vs uPrint

(Bold claims but I would like to see this PrinterBot print some architectural models. If it passes that test, I’m totally buying one.)

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