Updated on Semester Research

After  further testing I have discovered that for the time being, a hexagonal grid pattern is not a viable solution for this semester’s research with the limited time left. Due to the fact that the plastic is not directly smashed on the the fabric as it was during the 2D panel tests, there is a little bit of drag that is allowed before the plastic hits the suspended fabric—this causes a certain amount of curve smoothing to occur  in the the extrusion path. Therefore a diagrid pattern is still the best solutions as it allows the extrusion path to be linear allowing the … Continue reading Updated on Semester Research

Semester Proposal

Lightweight Printable Composite Structures MS_DT Pracitcum Research Proposal University of Michigan Winter 2013 Jeremy Luebker Abstract This proposal lays out the trajectory of research based around the fabrication of light-weight structures formulated from a composite of plastic and fabric. The work proposes to build upon the current vein of research in extruded plastics to create a viable method of construction utilizing this method of fabrication. Context There have been several project in recent years at various academic institutions such as SCI-Arc, MIT, and the University of Michigan that have sought to explore the possibilities and properties of CNC extruded martials. … Continue reading Semester Proposal