Drowning in a sea of good…

I’ve been extremely blessed in the past year—beyond belief. And I’m excited to see what’s to come…It seems so long since I’ve posted anything for all of you. So I thought I’d write a little summary of what has been happening for me in the last year-and-a-half and hopefully get all of you caught up and hopefully set the stage for future posts. Continue reading Drowning in a sea of good…

MSDT_Capstone [Update]

A progress update on this semester’s research project. The research is taking shape around narrative of nuclear genocide due to a global conflict. Those lucky enough not to be hit by the direct blasts would be bombarded by tremendous amounts of radiation. Traditionally such radiation would require massive concrete walls or thick lead shielding to survive such a fall out. The premise of this proposal is that by harvesting this radiation as an energy source, the energy of the harmful radiation would be diverted, while also providing a means of surviving amid this post-apolitical wasteland. The current proposed means of … Continue reading MSDT_Capstone [Update]

A New Project Begins… [MSDT Capstone]

B.O.L.T.S. (Bug Out Location Tactical Shelter) Course Description: The MS_DT Capstone is an intensive individual and/or team-based research project that will be undertaken under direction of thecapstone faculty and intended to be related to the research of that faculty. Emphasis is placed on developing projects that result in fullscale material prototypes, fully developed softwares, and/or architectural installations. The project will include research into innovative aspects of applying digital technologies. This work will be executed collaboratively in a format defi ned by the scope and demands of the project. Each participant will be responsible for producing an individual document that includes … Continue reading A New Project Begins… [MSDT Capstone]

Hexagonal Pattern Print Test + First Panel Print Test

  This is the first set of prints testing the hexagonal print pattern from the scripts in the previous posts. It is also the first panel print since the robots have been re-installed. As you can see the pattern did not print so well. Future tests will consist of an enlarged hexagonal pattern and a diagrid pattern.   Continue reading Hexagonal Pattern Print Test + First Panel Print Test

The Inevitabilities of Ornamentation A Re-instantiation of Architectural Ornamentation through Digital Production and Fabrication [Paper]

  The Inevitabilities of Ornamentation A Re-instantiation of Architectural Ornamentation through Digital Production and Fabrication Jeremy Luebker Tools and Trade: Instrumentality + Architecture The University of Michigan _ Arch 701  Winter 2013 _ Amy Kulper Introduction The architectural debate of ornamentation has resurfaced with the current development in parametric modeling, computational design and digital fabrication. Adolf Loos, stated in his work Ornament and Crime, “ornament represents wasted labor and ruined material”. Until the past decade or so, this was indeed the case. However, with the implementation of computerized modeling and parametrics the interest in complicated and unique constructions has been … Continue reading The Inevitabilities of Ornamentation A Re-instantiation of Architectural Ornamentation through Digital Production and Fabrication [Paper]

Final Design Proposal

This proposal lays out the trajectory of research based around the fabrication of light-weight printable structures formulated from a composite of plastic and fabric. The work proposes to build upon the current vein of research in extruded plastics to create a viable method of construction utilizing this method of fabrication. The work this semester is being based off the calibration of the fabrication procedures develop during the last semester’s work. It is being advanced through research in increased fidelity of the e printing process as well as further exploration into the panelization and surfacing possibilities afforded by this system. The … Continue reading Final Design Proposal

Variable Fabric Molds

Rather than striving to mold the fabric and extruded plastic composite, the project has begun to utilize actuated fabrics as molding strategies which become embed in the plastic/fabric composite.   In order to get the plastic to remain on the inside of the panels, the fabric molds will have to be inverted in order to print on the underside.     Continue reading Variable Fabric Molds